Before you share your story..

let me tell you mine..

Born 1982, in Brtonigla, small town in a heart of Istria. I fell in love with a photography in my early childhood. Aged 18, I have learned more about photography by joining the photo club „Mrak“ from Buje (Istria). Afterwards, I continue my education in a photography school in Zagreb.

I am freelance photographer and since year 2010 I am working with a concert photography. Concert photography inspired me to further exploration of the subject and to do portraits of emotions present in front of my camera.

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In my work process, I am guided by my intuition, wishing to create the conditions that will allow the subject to reveal its true emotion or state. Exploring the human nature and questioning of human relationship with its surroundings, revealing human emotions and forms in front of my camera inspired me to continue my exploration in a world of portrait photography of humans, ideas and perceptions.
Currently I am living and working in Zagreb.

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